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Horses … what little girl (and boy!) doesn’t love horses! Want to learn more about horses? Their care and handling? Want to start taking riding lessons? VonThun Farms in Washington Twp. (Warren County) has fun, educational equine programs for kids age 6 and up.  We have chosen the Western discipline to be our main focus rather than the more common english, dressage, and jumping.

Our very own PonyPals Program was designed for horse lovers, ages 6 & up. As a basic introductory program, PonyPals follows the same principals of 4-H and Pony Club, but at a much more basic beginner level, focusing on beginner knowledge, care and handling of both horses and ponies. PonyPals is a year-round program for young horse lovers. You don’t need to own a horse, or pony, to join!  

PonyPals is not all about ponies as the name suggests. PonyPals is our “club” for horse lovers and young equestrians that develops leadership, confidence, and responsibility through a program that teaches the care and handling of both horses and ponies. PonyPals is a fun group for young horse lovers, allowing them to make friends while learning and growing their equine knowledge alongside others through hands-on learning.

Dues …

Total yearly dues – $120.  Full year PonyPal members receive a 10% discount on riding lessons, camp, fun days, and other horse related activities held at the farm throughout the year.

To Join …

Interested? Email us and let us know that you’ll be joining us for a meeting … Cindy@VonThunFarms.com
You can decide after your first meeting if you’d like to join and become more involved. To join, it’s as simple as filling out the  PonyPals Membership Application and paying your dues! Meetings are held at the farm, 35 Kayharts Lane in Washington, right across the street from Meadow Breeze Park. New members should also complete and submit our Hold Harmless Waiver and PhotoReleaseForm when joining, which are needed to take part in any/all of our equine activities.

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Membership …

Membership is grouped based on experience. Senior members have 2+ years horse or PonyPals membership experience.  Junior members have 1 year horse or PonyPals membership experience. New members meet with the Junior members. Senior members meet the first Thursday of each month. Junior & new members meet the second Thursday of each month. Meetings are held year round, 6-7pm.

Winter meetings are held in the farmhouse.  When the weather allows, we meet in the barn and strive to have our meetings include hands on activities focused on horse care, horse management, and fun.

PonyPals does not formally include horseback riding or horseback riding lessons. Horseback riding, lessons, and weekly barn time are separate activities available at the farm at an additional cost. Programs were designed this way to keep membership costs reasonable for all, while offering additional riding activities for those who desire them.