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Photography Sessions

Sunflower Photography

Our Sunflower Trail is the perfect backdrop for your next engagement shoot, family photo session, or just-because photo shoot!

Since our Trail is very busy during regular business hours, we have established exclusive hours just for photography sessions. During July – September we will be allowing photographers to use the Sunflower Trail on Thursdays from 5 p.m. – sunset. We are also going to offer sunrise photography sessions once a month on Saturday mornings (July 24, August 14, and September 11).

Any photographers utilizing the Sunflower Trail for their professional photography sessions during regular business hours will be asked to leave without a refund. Unfortunately the trails just aren’t wide enough to allow for both professional photo shoots and recreational trail goers. 

Personal Photography for our Visitors …

The sunflower trail is a special place & we thoroughly encourage our visitors to make memories & take photos! Bring your camera and  click away at the flowers and our many photo ops … just be sure to practice proper social distancing & be courteous of others. And please, no tripods as they tend to block the pathways while in use.

How to Reserve Your Dates

A limited number of photographers will be allowed in the field for photo sessions each evening. To reserve your dates please email emma@vonthunfarms.com with the dates you’re interested in booking. Your dates are not confirmed until your non-refundable deposit ($100) has been received. 

Your remaining balance will be due in the farm market the date of your first session. Please keep in mind we are requiring at least 72 hours notice for reservations so we have adequate staff available for that evening.

Sunflowers are an agricultural crop. Therefore, we can never guarantee them for the date(s) you’ve selected. If there’s inclement weather or damage to the crops, we will work with you to reschedule for another date that’s convenient for you and your clients or issue you a refund. 

Sunflower Photography Sessions have concluded for the 2021 sunflower season. We’ll post 2022 dates once we get the seeds in the ground! 

2021 Pricing (Evening or Sunrise)…

  • Daily – $125 | Monthly – $400 | Season – $750
  • Your admission to the Sunflower Trail from 5 p.m. – sunset (your clients will still have to pay $9.99 per person to enter the Trail)
  • Access to assorted props in the field, available on a first-come-first-serve basis (Signature red truck, butterfly wings, orange Chevrolet bench, black throne, fire truck, barn doors)

Policies & Procedures

  • Photographers are able to arrive up to 30 minutes ahead of time to check-in, scope out the field and assess lighting.
  • Photographers must greet their clients at the farm market and guide them to their photo spots on the trail…our staff will be unable to leave the farm market and won’t be able to assist them in finding you in our large field.
  • Depending on how many photographers are booked for a night, we may assign you a spot in the field (but we promise the sunflowers are stunning throughout the field).
  • Please be courteous of other photographers on the Trail and please keep at least 3-5 rows between you and another group at all times.
  • Please don’t hoard props that come with the Trail!