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Field Trips | Fall WA

Fall Field Trips

Schedule: Mid-September through October 31 | Reservations Required

If you are looking for a super fun, educational field trip, look no further!  We are now booking fall field trips.  Our fall tours are booked on a first come, first served basis and the most popular dates and times fill early. Make your online tour reservation today!

When students arrive at the farm for a fall field trip, they are divided into groups by class. Each group rotates between these farm learning activities:

  •  Hayride
    Tour the farm to see and learn about our fall crops.
  •  Meet the Farmers
    Learn about how and where our food grows.
  • View our 230+ year old tree
    Hear the tree’s life story & learn why trees are important.
  •  Observational Bee Hive
    Learn about bees, honey, and how they help our food grow.
  •  Barnyard Farm Animals
    Get personal and learn all about them!
  •  Pumpkins
    Pick a sugar pumpkin to take home.

Traditional Fall Farm Tour

The Traditional Tour is the foundation of all our Fall tours. Tractor drawn hayrides tour around the 155-acre working farm, with educational talks about our crops. Friendly farm animals are popular with students and provide a special learning experience for all. The highlight of our fall tour is a visit to the pumpkin patch, where students pick a sugar pumpkin to take home.  Fall tours last about 1 hour. Visitors receive a farm magnet and coloring book. Choose your tour and add a fun, educational package below to extend the length of your trip!

Fee: $12 per student & chaperone (one teacher free per 15 students) 

Spookley Farm Tour

We’ve added Spookley and his anti-bullying message to your basic school tour! With a full-color rendition of the book The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin added to Phase I of our corn maze, teachers and students alike will enjoy the maze and reading Spookley’s story along the way. With lots to talk about when you return to the classroom, Spookley even has his own online lesson plans and bullying awareness toolkit. (Approximate tour time: 1 hour 20 minutes)

Fee: $14 per student & chaperone (one teacher free per 15 students) 

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Activity Farm Tour

Your students will love this exciting package.  After they have enjoyed their Traditional tour, students will have a blast riding John Deere tricycles and will really enjoy trying to find their way out of our straw maze! (Approximate tour time: 1 hour 30 minutes)

Fee: $16 per student & chaperone (one teacher free per 15 students) 

The Corn Maze Farm Tour

After taking part in our Traditional Tour, students will have fun finding their way through our ever popular Corn Maze.  The maze is interactive … there’s no doubt you’ll be lost, laughin’ and lovin’ it!! (Approximate tour time: 2 hours)

Fee: $15 per student & chaperone (one teacher free per 15 students) 

The Ultimate Farm Tour

Combine all our tours into one and the fun and excitement will never end! With the Ultimate Farm Tour, students will take part in all our farm activities … our Traditional Tour, Activity Tour and Spookley Tour (Approximate tour time: 2 hours)

Fee: $18 per student & chaperone (one teacher free per 15 students) 

Tour Add-On Packages

Want to extend the length of your stay?
Consider adding one of our farm animal education packages on to you tour. Students love learning in our outdoor classroom!
(**PLEASE NOTE** Some of these tour add-on packages are not available for trips scheduled at our Washington, NJ location.)

+The Apple Picking Package

This package must be added to one of our tours. Your students will learn about apples and see how they grow. They’ll then enjoy picking Jersey Fresh apples, right in the orchard!   This package is only available in September & early October.  (Add approx. 20-30 minutes to your tour time for apple picking.)

Fee: $5 per person