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13 Reasons to Join a CSA

Aah … the thought of fresh picked, local produce. You’ll have to agree, there’s nothing better than the Jersey Fresh season!

As a local CSA program, also known as a local crop share program, VonThun’s CSA promises that fresh, homegrown deliciousness we all love. VonThun’s makes it easy to know your farmers and your food.

Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes the long-awaited promise of fresh greens, mouthwatering veggies, and fragrant herbs to break the long winter months of store bought produce. As a result, community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms across the country and consumers alike are now seeking one another in what we call CSA sign-up season. Therefore, there are choices to be made … Commit to a CSA Crop Share through a local farmer? Shop at a local farmers market? Grow your own? Or just continue shopping at the local super market?

There are no right and wrong answers here, as families and lifestyle play a large role in where your food will come from. CSAs are not for everyone, as they are a big commitment for both members and farmers. Want more CSA information? Check out our Washington, NJ based CSA Program details or the details of our South Brunswick, NJ based CSA Program.

Here’s 13 great reasons to consider joining our CSA Crop Share Program:

  1.  Enjoy 14-20 weeks (our Middlesex Co. program is a 20 week program; our Warren Co. program is 14 weeks) of the freshest vegetables you can imagine all season. And don’t worry, there’s flexible share options so you can relax and enjoy vacation!
  2. Receive 8-12 farm fresh vegetables each week in our full and half shares, a basket full of your farm favorites, as well as an occasional new crop to try! Receive 4-6 fresh picked vegetables in our personal share, perfect for smaller households or just to try out CSA. Take a look at our CSA share size comparison so you can see just how much you’ll get.
  3. Produce grown in a way you can trust! We grow responsibly … we’ve been raising our families on these same crops, grown on the same land, for over 100 years.
  4. Fresh tastes better! Weather permitting, the crops in your weekly veggie basket are picked the same day you pick them up. Our vegetables are harvested when ripe and are available to you right away … they’re super fresh and taste amazing!
  5. You’ll receive weekly recipes and guidance on how to prepare, use, and enjoy those crops found in your share. We love hearing how kids that never liked vegetables have started eating them once they tried fresh, local ones!
  6. Cut the number of miles it takes your food to get from field to fork! It’s no surprise that fresher food contains more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Do you know WHEN your food was harvested? Or how long it took to get to the store? And waited in storage? And was out on display? And took, overall, to get to your table?!
  7. CSAs provide an opportunity to break out of eating ruts and old habits. And they encourage commitment to eating fresh, eating healthy, and eating local, all season long!
  8. Know your farmer, know your food. Develop a relationship of trust with those that are growing your food. Think about it … not many people have that opportunity. We love CSA because it gives us a chance to get to know those folks that we’re growing for!
  9. Convenient pick up times and locations. We have a handful of local host sites that you can pick your veggie basket up at each week. Or, if you prefer, pick up at the farm … chat with our friendly knowledgeable staff, browse the farm market, and see just where your food is grown. Bring the kids too and visit with the farm animals!
  10. Additional farm shares are available … homegrown, all-natural pasture raised beef, farm fresh eggs, and Jersey Fresh fruit. CSA members have the option to add one, or all of these additional crop shares!
  11. Try new, fun crops! Although veggie baskets are packed mostly with farm favorites (lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn,, etc.), we occasionally throw in a few fun things for you to try (kohlrabi, leeks, etc). Don’t worry … there’s a swap table (at our farm  pick up locations only) each week that allows you to swap out any veggies that make you say ick!
  12. Free access to our pick-your-own fields. CSA members are not required to purchase a picking pass to pick berries or other crops throughout the year as the general public does – just pay for what you pick.
  13. Save 10% on your farm market purchases all summer! Our CSA members receive a VonThun’s cloth shopping bag, which when used in the farm market, enables you to instant farm savings!

CSA … Fresh. Local. Healthy.
Is CSA for you? If your answer is yes, SIGN UP NOW!

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