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U-Pick berries and more!

We are generally open from late May into early September for the public to pick berries. Strawberry season comes first, followed by raspberries and blackberries. With lots of raspberry and blackberry varieties to pick, they’re available for picking all summer! There’s a fee to pick, but it’s deducted from your purchase at checkout.

Visit us all season long to Pick-Your-Own. As one crop ends, it’s not long until another begins. Don’t miss our annual Strawberry Festival (June) and Fall Festival (October) weekends! And, be sure to visit for our Strawberry FunDays in mid-June. Follow us on Facebook for crop updates

Picking Hours

May through August:
Weekdays, 10am to 6:00pm
Weekends 9am to 5:30pm

Picking Passes

Purchase for $5 per person in our Farm Market. Use to enter any of our Spring and Summer picking fields. The cost of your Pass will be deducted from your total U-Pick purchase at checkout. Passes not required to pick pumpkins or apples.

Crop Availability

The availability of our berries depends on the weather and the seasons listed below are approximate. Warm days and/or nights ripen the fruit. Cool days and/or nights delay ripening. Always call for current crop availability before heading out to the farm.

  • Strawberries: late May thru late June
  • Raspberries: Late June into September
  • Blackberries: mid July into September
  • Black Raspberries: July thru August

Good to know …

  • Check in at the farm market to purchase your Picking Pass, weigh your containers, and get directed to our u-pick field.
  • Only pick what we are currently offering for u-pick. Don’t wander around the farm.
  • You MUST pay for EVERYTHING you pick. Pick only what you plan to purchase.
  • No children in the picking fields without an adult.
  • ALL bags, containers, baby strollers, etc. are subject to search by our staff.
  • Be careful when walking in our fields, footing may be uneven. NO running.
  • For food safety reasons, please, NO dogs.
  • We are a working farm. Be aware of and keep away from trucks, tractors & all farm machinery, whether parked or in use.
  • VonThun Farms reserves the right to remove guests from our fields at any time.