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BeefBoxes & More

Fresh. Healthy. Local. Grassfed. Pasture raised. 100% Angus. Jersey Fresh. All natural … there’s LOTS of good reasons to eat VonThun’s homegrown Angus beef! (Did we mention that our beef is super healthy?! You can actually taste the difference!) Our cattle are Fullblood and Purebred Aberdeen Angus … a breed well known for it’s natural marbling and tasty, tender, flavorful meat.

We currently offer our beef three ways: a la carte, as CSA Beef Shares, and in BeefBoxes.

Our a la carte beef is available in our farm markets, May through October. In our off season, we offer Beef Pick Up days (visit our website calendar at VonThunFarms.com for days & times). Our a la carte beef availability can be found on our website.

Three size CSA Beef Shares are currently available … Small Pack (approx. 5 pounds per month), Medium Pack (approx. 10 pounds per month), and Large Pack (approx. 20 pounds per month). Beef Share CSA is a four month program – programs run from October to January, February to May, and  June to September. Folks can sign up for Beef Shares at any time, as members will be caught up on any monthly shares that they have missed. CSA Beef shares include all types of beef, including steaks, roasts, ribs, ground beef, and processed items (hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, etc.)

BeefBoxes are an alternative for folks that want to purchase a variety of our beef in bulk at their convenience. BeefBoxes are available year round, as 15 and 25 pound packages. BeefBoxes include the same beef variety as the CSA Beef Shares.