Corn Maze

Be sure to visit the Corn Maze … LOOK who’s joining us this year!

PLEASE NOTE: All activities are scheduled for our South Brunswick location only.
No fall activities are scheduled for the farm in Washington.

MAiZE Hours & Pricing:

The maze is open daily, September 23 through October 31
WEEKDAYS: 1-5 pm…$8 per person
WEEKENDS: 10 am-5 pm…$11.95 General Farm Admission provides unlimited access to the MAiZE & most of our other activities & attractions all day!.
MOONLIGHT MAZE: October 20, 21, 27 & 28 (6-10 pm)…$9.99 per person (includes a hayride)
WEEKNIGHT CAMPFIRE & MOONLIGHT MAZE: Available Tuesday through Thursday, mid September through Halloween. View our pricing & additional information.

VonThun Farms welcomes schools, Youth Groups, Corporate Groups and other Organizations to participate in our general MAiZE or teambuilding activities. Call for reservations or more information…732-329-8656

Challenge Levels

  • The Total Challenge: You’re on your own!  Enter without any passports or handouts … Good Luck!
  • Gimme Just a Little Help: Use the Cornundrum signs. Make sure you don’t pass the same sign twice.
  • Help Me Along-Just Don’t Lead Me: Use the Corn Texting. This fun, interactive game will provide you with clues on how to navigate your way through the MAiZE.
  • Uh, Yeah…I’ll Need Help: Take along a MAiZE Passport.  Answer the questions correctly at each of the 10 Passport Stations and follow the directions on which way to turn to reach the correct MAiZE exit.
  • No Challenge Needed: On the back of our MAiZE Instruction Booklet is a map of the MAiZE. Use that map along with the cornundrum signs, Corn Texting, AND a Passport.

How to Enjoy the Maze

  • PASSPORTS will help guide you through the MAiZE. Choose a passport as you enter the MAiZE. As you encounter numbered signs in the MAiZE, stop and answer that numbered question on your passport.  If you know the correct answer to each question, you will be given the correct way to turn. 
  • CORNUNDRUMS are our ‘play on word’ signs.  They will not help guide you through the MAiZE…(they are for fun) but they can be used as land-marks if you need to cheat and look at the map. Using one of our cornundrum list cards, see how many cornundrums you can get right as you go through the MAiZE.
  • SPOOKLEY the Square Pumpkin…and his wonderful anti-bullying message. Join Spookley in phase 1 of our maze…read out loud our huge storybook that tells the story of Spookley and how he overcame being different, teased, made fun of…and bullied! A great story for kids…a great reminder for us all!
  • SIMON SAYS is a game for kids…ages 2 to 102!! ~Our 3 spinning wheels are guaranteed to keep you laughing! Spin the wheel to determine what to do between where you are now and where the next wheel is located.  This game will bring out the kid in us all.  Highly recommended for preschool and elementary school groups!! 
  • FARM SCENE INVESTIGATION is a game similar to Clue. As you walk through the maze you find game boards that allow you to rule out suspects, locations, and various items. Find all the game boards within the maze and determine who kidnapped Farmer Joe!