Homegrown Angus Beef

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Our beef is raised on quality grass pasture year round, never confined in a feed lot, and we do not finish our cattle on corn. Since our beef is GRASSFED and GRASS FINISHED it has a very healthy Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. We do not give our steers growth hormones, and they are not pumped full of antibiotics. We are committed to providing a superior product that is healthier for you and your family to eat. If you have never tasted grass fed Green Beef, you are missing out! It is more flavorful, fresh tasting, and a lot lower in fat than grain finished beef. 

Our story …

When we bought the farm in Washington Township (Warren County),  the grass was knee high and many areas were overrun with weeds. Although the previous owners had raised water buffalo, dairy cows had roamed the fields for many years prior. For us, beef cattle seemed like the logical addition to the farm … and a wonderful addition to our growing CSA Program.

Our initial plans included raising red Angus cattle. They’re pretty to look at, and who doesn’t like a good Angus steak or burger?! But one day a Craigslist ad (YES!! Craigslist!) for Aberdeen Angus beef cows caught our eye … and once we met the Aberdeen cows, we knew that was the breed for us. Aberdeens are a smaller, stockier breed of Angus. They’re docile and are extremely efficient in conversion of grass to meat.

Why our beef is special …

  • Our beef is high quality Angus. Through our Aberdeen Angus breeding program we strive for consistency & superior carcass traits in our animals which in turn ensures well marbled, tender meat.
  • Our beef is grass fedpasture-raised. We do not confine our steers or feed them corn to finish them.  Our cows & steers spend their lifetime rotationally grazing our lush grass pastures the way they nature intended.  Throughout the winter our cattle receive supplemental homegrown hay as they continue to browse and roam the pastures.
  • Our animals are treated humanely in a low stress environment and are genuinely happy animals. 
  • Our beef is all natural. We do not use antibiotics or hormones for growth in our animals.
  • Our animals are raised in a sustainable environment. All the nutrients from the manure are left to be recycled back into the soil, as our cattle fertilize the pastures as they graze.  
  • Our beef is fresh. Our animals are brought directly from the farm to the butcher, who dry ages the meat. While at the butcher, our beef carcasses are hung to dry-age & achieve the best flavor and tenderness. 

There’s beef, & then there’s all natural, grass-fed beef …

What’s the nutritional difference between the beef from animals that are grass fed as compared with animals that are finished in feedlots?

  • Beef from grass-fed animals has lower levels of unhealthy fats and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are better for cardiovascular health.
  • Grass-fed beef has lower levels of dietary cholesterol and offers more vitamins A and E as well as antioxidants.
  • Meat from animals raised entirely on grass also has about twice the levels of conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, isomers, which may have cancer fighting properties and lower the risk of diabetes and other health problems.

From our pastures to your plate …

Our homegrown beef is available for sale in our farm markets. Our Aberdeen Angus herd is relatively small, which limits the number of animals and beef we have available each year. At this time we offer our homegrown beef a la carte rather than by the half or whole. View our current beef availability.

The American Grassfed Beef Council recommends cooking local, grassfed beef differently than store bought beef for the best flavor:
“Always pre-heat your oven, pan or grill before cooking grass fed beef.  When grilling, sear the meat quickly over a high heat on each side to seal in its natural juices and then reduce the heat to a medium or low to finish the cooking process. Also, baste to add moisture throughout the grilling process.”