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Plant Sale Fundraiser Program

Make your next fundraiser a Mothers Day Plant Sale!

Let’s face it-everyone loves flowers & hanging baskets in the early spring when the weather starts to warm up!   Finally, an EASY fundraiser that gets BIG results! Contact us early so we can start growing for you … we offer 3″ potted annuals, 3″ potted vegetable plants, flats of annuals, and both 8″ and 10″ hanging flower baskets.

Please Note:

We are located in South Brunswick, Middlesex County NJ and Washington, Warren County. Although this is a great fundraiser for local groups, please consider your distance. Delivery outside of a 20 mile radius of South Brunswick and Washington are not feasible.

How our Mother’s Day Plant Sale Program can benefit YOU…

  • Go Green! There’s no more eco-friendly fundraiser you can do!
  • Give kids an opportunity to buy Mom a gift she’ll enjoy all year…a beautiful, locally grown flowering plant!
  • Promote environmental stewardship & gardening while raising funds for your group!
  • By using fundraising plants that are custom grown just for you, your group receives a superior product at wholesale cost.  Since you set your group’s own selling prices, you can easily make 100% profit on most items that you sell!

It’s EASY to get started!

  1. Give us a call (732-329-8656) to get the details & discuss your plans.
  2. Set your Plant Sale date, time, and location.
  3. Choose the items you would like to sell…
    –4” Potted Flowering Annuals (Marigolds, Begonia, Dianthus, Petunia, & more!)
    –4” Vegetable Plants (Tomato & Pepper)
    –8” Premium Hanging Baskets (Impatiens, Begonia, Petunia, Dianthus)
  4. Determine the quantities you need to get started.
  5. Give us a call (732-329-8656) to place your order.
  6. While your plants are growing….PROMOTE your plant sale!!
  7. Identify & secure the members of your Plant Sale team.
  8. Just before your sale, get your customers informed & ready!!

At VonThun Farms, we’re committed to making organizations succeed with the power of nature’s beauty… We consider our Plant Sale Program to be a high-quality alternative to candle, candy, & wrapping paper sales. For the past 15+ years we have helped schools, churches, scouts and many other groups raise the funds they needed. This year, we’d like to help you too!