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Grassfed Beef

Have you met our cows? They’re our foundation herd of Lowline Angus that will help us transition our CSA Program to offer homegrown, pasture raised, grassfed beef …
and they’re pretty cool!

There’s 2 mommas and their babies: Sophia with her calf Shadow and Elegance with her calf Skylar. There’s a few yearlings: Buttercup, DaisyMae, and Lexie. And then there’s Bob the bull and some young steers.

We’re excited to have stumbled upon the Lowline Angus breed – they’re relatively small beef animals, yet big on personality. And they’re sweet as can be – even old Bob!!

Of course we’re happy with the good looks, hardiness, and gentle temperament of our cattle, but we’re more excited about the wonderful flavor of the Lowline Angus meat. Our cattle are raised on our quality grass pasture and homegrown hay year round, and are never confined in a feed lot. Since our beef is grassfed, it has a very healthy Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. We don’t give our steers growth hormones, or antibiotics, and our cattle are raised using sustainable livestock and environmental practices. VonThun Farms is committed to raising cattle in a healthy, stress free environment and providing superior meat products that are healthier for you and your family to eat.

If you’ve never tasted local grass fed beef, you are missing out! It’s more flavorful, fresh tasting, and a lot lower in fat than store bought grain finished beef. We’re currently working out the logistics of adding our homegrown Angus beef to our CSA Program.
Healthy. Pure. Delicious … stay tuned for the details!

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