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Employee Portal

Von Thun’s Employee Portal

Hello team! Welcome to our new employee portal. We’re going to use this password-protected page to facilitate the onboarding process for new employees and house a couple of other important pieces of information for our new and existing employees like our Employee Handbook.

Our 2023 season starts the weekend of September 16/17 and goes through October. We close for the season November 1.

New Employees: Please take a look at the hiring/onboarding section below for the forms that need to be filled out digitally and forms that need to be printed and filled out.

Returning Employees: Welcome back! Please take a look at the Employee Handbook and other resources at the bottom of the page to refresh your memory on our policies and procedures.

I just got hired. What next?

Working Papers: Working Papers are required to be filled out ONLINE by all employees under the age of 18. To fill them out, go to the state’s website and follow their instructions. Please use the following Company Code: 00014048 (listed under Von Thun’s Country Farm Market).

W4: The W4 Form is required to be filled out IN HARD COPY. We use the W4 form to direct how much in taxes you want taken out of your check. There are instructions on the 2nd page of the form to help guide you on filling out the form. Please make sure to write legibly. You only need to print & submit page 1.

I9: The FIRST PAGE of the I9 Form is required to be filled out IN HARD COPY.  It is used to confirm you are able to work in the United States. There are instructions on the 3rd page regarding acceptable form(s) of ID that need to be handed in with the I9. You only need to print & submit page 1.

The name on ALL your paperwork must be your legal birth name. We’ll call you whatever you’d like when you’re at work, but the paperwork must be official. EX: Cindy’s legal birth name is Cynthia, so that’s what she must have listed on her paperwork.

Once you have completed the paperwork in steps 1 – 3, please bring the following to the Farm Market during business hours (9 – 4 weekdays) and leave the papers with Donna. Then text Cindy to let her know they’ve been dropped off (732-986-6816). 

  • Completed and signed W4
  • Completed and signed first page of the I9
  • COPY of 1 document from List A OR COPY of 1 document from List B AND List C

I’m coming back from a previous season. What do I need to know?

Our Fall 2023 season will run September 16th – October 29th! We’ll be open Saturdays & Sundays as well as Monday, October 9th (Columbus Day). If you haven’t already, please fill out the Employee Availability Survey (below). You will use this survey to indicate the day(s) in which you cannot work, which position(s) you’re interested in doing, and any Von Thun Wear you’re interested in purchasing. Survey responses are due by Sunday, September 3rd. 

Employee Availability Survey (South Brunswick)

Employee Availability Survey (Washington)


Be sure to read our “Employee Handbook” as outlined in Employee Expectations
This explains what we expect of you & what you can expect of us!

Welcome to the team!!