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SB Maze

Von Thun’s Corn Maze

You’ll be lost, laughing, and loving it! Our 6+ acre cornfield has a different, fun theme carved into it each year.  The maze design has miles and miles of trails – lots of turns, and opportunities to get lost! Bring your friends and break into groups for an a-maze-ing challenge — who can get from entrance to exit the quickest. For most folks, it’s a 35-45 minute walk. Admission to the maze is included with your Fall Festival Weekend admission. You can also go through the maze on weekdays from 1pm-5pm (just come to the Farm Market to buy your ticket).

Be sure to visit our Moonlight Maze too!

2019 Maze Theme – 150th Anniversary of College Football

Our 2019 corn maze theme celebrates the 150th anniversary of college football and the two teams who started this American tradition – Rutgers and Princeton Universities. The two teams played their first game in 1869 in Middlesex County and the tradition has continued on ever since. Follow us on Facebook or join our e-mail list for information about special activities and promotions going on during our Fall Festival Weekends!

Spookley in the Maze

Join Spookley the Square Pumpkin and learn about his wonderful anti-bullying message in Phase One of our corn maze. Read along to the storybook that’s posted along the pathways. It’s a wonderful story that tells of Spookley and how he overcame being different, teased, made fun of … and bullied.

Maze Activities

It’s not just a cornfield. It’s a-MAZEing fun! Passports help guide you, Cornundrums keep you on the correct path, Simon Says keeps you laughing, and Farm Scene Investigation is fun for the whole family to determine who kidnapped Farmer Joe!Be sure to visit our Moonlight Maze too!