Teacher Resources

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Agriculture is such a vital part of our lives, yet so many don’t know much about it. As farmers, we believe that agricultural literacy is important, for kids as well as adults! Our goal at VonThun Farms is to provide agricultural education for our school tour visitors, as well as the general public.

Our Spring and Fall school tours stress agriculture’s importance in an exciting, hands-on way. Our seasonal events provide on-the-farm experiences for our suburban, urban, and city visitors. We consider the farm to be a 90-acre outdoor classroom that makes learning lots of fun!

We’re developing some resources that we hope educators will use in their classrooms. (This is an ongoing project that we hope to complete this summer, so please check back for updates.)

VonThun Farms Core Curriculum Content Standards (For Spring and Fall Farm Tours)


Pumpkin Patch Curriculum – After your fall visit, why not use your pumpkins as a basis of the week’s classwork and lessons?! Here’s some thoughts and ideas, straight from the pumpkin patch. Tweak the ideas and concepts so they’re just right for your class.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin Resources (For use with our fall tour Spookley anti-bullying corn maze package):
Spookley video trailer
Spookley digital teacher toolkit (free teacher sign-up required)