Fall Field Trips


Fall tours last about 1 hour. When students arrive at the farm for a Spring field trip, they are divided into tour groups by class. Each group rotates between these farm learning activities:

  •  Hayride tour of the farm-stopping occasionally to see and learn about our fall crops growing in the field.
  •  Our Ag Center-an interactive barn for students to explore and learn about agriculture.
  •  Peter Pumpkin-meet Peter and learn how pumpkins grow.
  •  The observational bee hive-learn about bees and how they make honey.
  •  Our barnyard farm animals-get personal and learn all about them!
  •  Pick a sugar pumpkin to take home.

Fall Tour Activity Options

Package A:  The “Traditional” Farm Tour

$7.00 per student and $7.00 per chaperone
This is the basic farm tour that we have successfully presented to many school groups for well over 25 years now! Fall tours are given Monday through Friday at pre-scheduled times, September 20 throughout October.

On our TRADITIONAL FALL FARM TOUR, students are given a tractor drawn hayride around our 90-acre working farm. We stop along the way and give a series of educational talks about the farm and our many crops that are growing in the fields.  The students get to meet our friendly farm animals and learn about each of them.   The highlight of the fall farm tour is a visit to the pumpkin patch, where students pick a sugar pumpkin to take home.  Fall tours last about 1 hour.  Each student, teacher & chaperone also receive a refrigerator magnet and a farm coloring book.

Package B: The “Spookley” Farm Tour

$8.50 per student & $8.50 per chaperone
Teachers can now add Spookley, and his anti-bullying message to their basic school tour for just an additional $1.50 per person!! We’ve taken a special full-color rendition of the book ‘The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin’ and added it to Phase I of our corn maze. Teachers will enjoy the maze with their students, reading Spookley’s special story along the way. With lots to talk about when you return to the classroom, Spookley even has his own online lesson plans & bullying awareness toolkit.

Package C: The “Activity” Farm Tour

$11.00 per student & $7.00 per chaperone
Your students will love this exciting package.  After they have enjoyed their Traditional tour, students will have a blast riding John Deere tricycles through our pedal course, lots of bouncing fun in our inflatable moon bounce … and will really enjoy trying to find their way out of our straw maze!

Package D: The “Ultimate” Farm Tour
VonThuns PiazzaMaze

This years Corn Maze theme honors Mike Piazza’s Baseball Hall of Fame Induction

$13.00 per student & $10.00 per chaperone
Combine our three farm tour packages into one and the fun and excitement will never end! With this package, students will take part in all our farm activities…our Traditional farm tour, straw maze, pedal course, moon bounce and Spookley read-along anti-bullying themed corn maze!

Package F: Apple Picking Package

$3 per student and $3 per chaperone
This package must be added to one of our other packages. Your students will learn about selecting (and enjoy picking) the freshest apples, right from the orchard!   <This package is only available in September & early October>

Package G: The Barnyard Chicken Show Package

$1 per student and $1 per chaperone
This exciting package is a must for all school groups!! This one-of-a-kind singing chicken show is guaranteed to become a favorite among our school groups! This package is not available alone, it must be added to one of our other basic tour packages. Your students will learn all about chickens through this fun, interactive sing-along program.   CLICK HERE for additional Barnyard Chicken Show info

Package M: The “Corn Maze” Farm Tour

$10.00 per student & $10.00 per chaperone
After taking part in our Traditional tour, students will have a wonderful time finding their way through our ever popular Corn Maze.  The MAiZE is interactive…there’s no doubt you’ll be lost, laughin’ and lovin’ it!!

Package P: The Potato Harvesting Package

$3 per student and $3 per chaperone
This package must be added to one of our other packages. Your students will learn about how potatoes grow and enjoy harvesting the freshest potatoes, right from the field!

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