We encourage everyone age 15 and older (college & high school students, retirees, teachers, stay-at-home moms, dads, grandparents) to apply!  We are always looking for friendly, outgoing, energetic people who can work weekends in September and October.  

Interested in working at VonThun Farms?

Interested in working at the farm? Submit your application and we will keep it on file. Occasionally throughout the season we find ourselves looking for friendly, motivated individuals to join our farm staff.

We’re always looking for additional fall help…

VonThun Farms has some great fall employment opportunities available.  Applicants must be honest, responsible, friendly, outgoing, & willing, able, and eager to interact with our customers/general public.  Applicants must be 16 years of age or older.  Did we mention applicants must be outgoing & eager to interact with the general public?? SORRY, but the fall isn’t the time for shy or reserved individuals to apply  :)   

New employees will be hired for specific weekend jobs.  Fall weekends start September 25, and run through October 30 (only 6 weekends).  Both Saturdays and Sundays are MANDATORY for all weekend employees.  

a13Fall weekend positions include:
  • Activity Attendants (running one of our activities) 
  • Customer Service (interacting with customers)
  • Costume character (interacting with customers!)
  • Food Service 
  • Greeters & Party Attendants
  • Parking
  • AND-Weekday School Tour Guides 

Join us for a fall employee group interview…

Interview dates & times will be announced and posted here in June.

Each July and August we host our group interviews, hiring new fall employees. We require that all new fall employees attend a group interview. Submit your employment application now and we’ll email you in early July with our group interview details.