New Member CSA Trial Program

Are you new to the CSA & Weekly Veggie Basket Program concept? Thought about joining a CSA but just never did? Afraid to commit to a 20 week program without truly knowing what it’s all about?? If you answered YES to any of those questions, our New Member CSA Trial Program just may be for you!

The VonThun Farms New Member CSA Trial Program was designed to follow the rules and traditions of our Weekly Veggie Basket & CSA Program, which can be accessed here.  

New Member CSA Trial Program Details: 

VonThuns Weekly Veggie Basket & CSA Program concept: Our CSA Program is a partnership between VonThun Farms and consumers  – one that helps families eat seasonal, local produce while making an investment in their health, community, and local economy. Members pay for their share of produce up front upon registration and receive a weekly basket of the farms bounty for the duration of the 20 week program.

Our New Member CSA Trial Program concept: This program was designed for new members as a trial program. The program is paid for upon registration, and members receive a weekly basket of the farms bounty for 11 weeks (the same produce baskets our 20-week members receive), the remainder of our Weekly Veggie Basket & CSA Program. 

Who can join: Anyone new to the VonThun Farms Weekly Veggie Basket & CSA Program can join. 

CSA share options: Full, half, & personal Weekly Veggie Basket shares are available. Compare the basket share sizes. Although our 11 week Egg Share is available, our Farm Fresh Fruit Shares are not.

Length of the program: The New Member CSA Trial Program will start the week of August 1, & continue for 10 additional weeks. (11 weeks total)  

Our crops MAY include, but may not be limited to: Sweet corn, kale, cucumbers, pickles, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini & assorted squashes, potatoes, beans, collards, assorted varieties of peppers & tomatoes, onions, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, peas, apples, beets, radishes, herbs, turnips, mustard greens, kohlrabi, swiss chard, herbs, discount u-pick passes, and fall weekend admission tickets.

Pick up location options: Weekly Veggie Baskets & CSA shares can be picked up at the farm in South Brunswick on Thursdays, or at one of our convenient Host Site locations. (The New Member Trial Program will NOT be available at our Washington location this year.)

How to register for the New Member CSA Trial Program: Sign up is easy! Sign up & create your own online CSA account. Since we are offering a limited number of Trial Program shares, applications will be accepted on a first come basis. To be guaranteed a Weekly Veggie Basket share, an application and full payment must be received. Join now…

New Member CSA Trial Program Cost: 

Full Weekly Veggie Basket Share: (BEST VALUE!!) Full shares typically include 6 – 10 types of vegetables per week. Although this share is enough for a large family, many of our members choose to share their full share with family or friends. 11 weeks: $400

Half Weekly Veggie Basket Share: Half shares usually contain 6 – 8 types of vegetables each week, enough for the average family, & is a GREAT VALUE that provides great savings … 11 weeks: $300

Personal Weekly Veggie Basket Share: Personal shares most typically contain 5 – 7 types of vegetables each week, and is designed for individuals or 2-person families … 11 weeks: $200

Farm Fresh Egg Share Add-On: For a total of 11 weeks, subscribing CSA members will receive a dozen farm fresh brown eggs with their Weekly Veggie Basket. All eggs will be brown. (Did you know that there is no difference in quality, flavor, or nutrition between white & brown eggs? The difference in the color of the shell is simply in the breed of chicken that’s laying the egg.) 11 weeks … $45